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  1. Expatriate

    Ageing Batter6y

    My iPad Air (Model MD785X/A) battles to get through a day without half of the time on the charger. I suspect the battery is getting a bit old. ;) Is it possible to fit a replacement battery?
  2. S

    iPad 6 - not charging or turn on

    Sorry if there is a similar post out there the same as this. I could not find a fix and need help with diagnostics. My son’s iPad was charging over night and the next day stopped working. There is no physical damage. The screen would not turn on and was no longer charging.The right side of the...
  3. K

    Ipad Pro restarts randomly and afterwards indicates a 1% battery status

    Hi my Ipad Pro Wifi 12.5" (2015) keeps restarting. And upon restart the battery indicates 1% battery status, and after 1 minute or so the indicator returns to the original state of battery. This happens randomly even when the unit is charged. I already restored and updated the IOS and even...
  4. D

    Apps under Battery Usage say audio?

    Just curious why it says "audio" under certain apps in Battery Usage? Just popped on yesterday after weeks of use.
  5. T

    How to charge an iPad Pro in half the time

    I read that the iPad Pro has a USB Power Delivery feature that charges the device faster and tested it out myself. I got Apple’s 29W MacBook Type-C charger and a C-to-Lightning cable. With the 29W charger I charged my iPad Pro from 0 to 100% in only 2 hours and 15 mins! Huge improvement over...
  6. S

    iPad Air (iPad 5 A1474) Not charging

    Hi everyone. New member here, so first of all, hello and thanks for having me ;) I have a dead ipad air A1474 (I believe this is also referred to as the ipad 5) I have tried holding the home and lock button for extended periods of time and I have tried putting the ipad in DFU mode. Neither...
  7. Knightoftheapp

    iPhone Battery Question

    About six weeks ago, I bought an iPhone 6s. The question is, will it hurt the battery if I charge it up while using it. I'm an Uber driver and I need my iPhone for work. 10 hours of battery life just doesn't cut it.