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  1. Knightoftheapp

    Backing Up Problem

    Hello, I have a friend of mine that keeps getting this message on her iPhone and doesn’t understand why. She doesn’t understand why she gets this message because she has done everything it says to do and she still keeps getting this message. Does anyone know what’s going on and how to fix this...
  2. Sargon

    iPad 2 will not back up

    I just acquired a new iPad pro and am trying to transfer all my apps, etc to it from my iPad 2. The problem is that my iPad 2 will not back up. I am running Windows 10 and am trying to backup the iPad 2 so I can "restore" to the new iPad pro. I have tried the iCloud backup but nothing...
  3. M

    Is it possible to back up one iPad app + its downloadable content? or a complete iPad?

    Hi, I've got an iPad 3 with firmware 9.3.5 and I just got a free app and then I spent around 3 hours going through its downloadable content and purchasing what I was interested in. Is there a way to now backup this file plus all the downloadable content that I just received? as I won't like to...
  4. O

    ipad3 Can't see 'Back Up Now' anywhere..

    Hi, I see where I have 30Gb of 50GB backed up on Icloud but I can't see where I can Back Up now as I have made some changes I want backed up. I have followed instructions I have seen on line but there is no option to BackUp. Thanks oz
  5. T

    Backup Could Not Be Completed on iCloud

    I installed the latest iOS last night, and it was a nightmare. I've never had problems with an update before, but this one made up for it. It kept turning on and shutting itself off, over and over. Finally I had an online chat with Apple support. I had to do a complete restore. This morning...
  6. OhioDave

    Migrating from old iPad to new iPad without backup

    I've used iPhones for some years now, but don't have iPad experience. A friend has owned an iPad for several years and has purchased a new one. He asked me to help him move everything from the old one to the new one. It turns out that he's never had iCloud enabled, and he never had the old iPad...
  7. NSquirrel

    iOS9 Backup

    I assume that backups are incremental except for a new software version, i.e. it updates just the changes as a backup has usually taken about 15 mins, at a guess. When trying to do an IOS9 backup to iCloud, the iPad keeps telling me that it will complete in 3 hours. I stopped the backup a...
  8. warhammer

    How to save/backup Notes including pictures/photos in it

    hi guys I write many notes on Notes application of ipad and I also include photos inside each note, I wonder if any of you guys tried this but it is working and a perfect option! However, whenever I backup / send via airdrop / or copy a note from Notes and email to another device, the photos...