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    Apple TV App Starts Appearing in the UK, France, and Germany

    MacRumors reports that the official Apple TV app has today begun to roll out in the UK, France, and Germany, nearly one year since the app first launched in the US. The TV app is designed to be an easy way to watch TV shows and movies gathered from many different video apps all in one place...
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    Red Lion Hotels Introduce In-Room Apple TV, iPhone Check-in, and Digital Door Keys

    Red Lion Hotels (RLHC) has launched a series of new technology initiatives for guests, including an in-room Apple TV experience and updated Hello Rewards app with check-in and check-out via iPhone, digital room keys, and self-service iPad kiosks. "These are our next steps in the ongoing...
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    Limited Edition SteelSeries Nimbus White Game Controller Arrives in Apple Store

    AppleInsider reports that games accessory company SteelSeries has released a limited-edition version of its Bluetooth Nimbus game controller for Mac, iOS, and Apple TV, the Nimbus White. Just like the original SteelSeries Nimbus, the Nimbus White is compatible with over 2,000 Apple TV games...
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    Apple Announces Unified TV App for iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV

    Apple’s big event today is primarily to launch the new MacBook range, but before unveiling the new computers, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced a brand new unified TV app that he said will “completely change how you watch TV with your Apple TV as well as your iPhone and iPad.” One of the app...
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    Art Legacy - Bringing Art to Life | Now on the App Store

    Art Legacy - Bringing Art to Life | Now on the App Store What if paintings were not static? What if we could sense their depth? Art Legacy is an original and immersive way to see a painting. It’s also part magic. HD App Preview Now available for iPad, iPhone, Mac and Apple TV. Find out more...