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apple pay

  1. graywoulf

    Problem setting up Apple Pay and loading app.

    ** Problem solved ! Another issue with my new Mini 4. I tried setting up the Apple Pay on my iPad and all went well until I get a message that my debit card is not supported by my bank. I checked the list of approved banks and mine is actually listed but the setup says it is a no go. Is there...
  2. M

    Many More Young Adults Using Apple Pay Than Google and Samsung Pay Apps in US

    9to5 Mac reports that according to a new survey of 1,000 young adult Americans (in the 18-35 demographic) by Dealspotr, more than 10% of those polled had used Apple Pay to buy items in a retail store, and 15% of them had used Apple Pay to buying goods online. This beats the likes of Google Pay...
  3. M

    Apple Pay Used by Over 127 Million People Worldwide

    According to the newly released annual Apple Pay report from Gene Munster’s Loup Ventures, Apple Pay is growing year on year, an “impressive” performance, according to Munster. Loup Ventures estimates that there were 127 million global Apple Pay users by the end of 2017, a big increase from the...
  4. M

    Apple Pay Grows by Almost 50% in Transaction Volume

    AppleInsider reports that according to new data from consumer spending analytics company TXN, Apple Pay transactions grew by 50% in December 2016 compared with the same month a year ago. TXN’s graph shows a steady rise during the year, aside from a small dip in the middle of the year. TXN’s...
  5. M

    Apple Pay Already Has Fifth Largest Share of Web Payment Technologies

    It may have only been available since September, but according to analytics firm SimilarTech, via MacRumors, online Apple Pay already has the fifth largest share of the online payment market as far as the top 10,000 websites are concerned. SimilarTech’s figures show that Apple Pay has 0.25% of...
  6. M

    Apple Pay to Launch in Japan on October 25, Possibly Along With iOS 10.1

    AppleInsider reports that sources in Japan are saying that Apple Pay could be coming to that country on October 25, as part of the release of iOS 10. Adding fuel to the fire is the fact that maintenance downtimes for Japanese mobile carrier Docomo’s iD payment system and JR East’s Suica transit...
  7. M

    Apple Pay Launches in Russia

    9to5 Mac reports that Apple Pay has launched in Russia today, making it the 10th country to have Apple Pay access, along with Australia, Canada, China, France, Hong Kong, Singapore, Switzerland, the UK, and the US. Apple’s Russian website announced the launch of Apple Pay in the country, which...
  8. M

    Apple Pay Arrives in Switzerland

    Apple Pay has today arrived in Switzerland, which is now the second European country where Apple has rolled out its NFC mobile payments service after the UK, writes 9to5 Mac. Currently three banks in Switzerland have announced their support for Apple Pay, namely Bonus Card, CornerCard, and...
  9. M

    Apple Launches macOS at WWDC

    Apple’s senior vice president of software engineering, Craig Federighi, took to the stage at Apple’s WWDC to announce that OS X is now macOS, and that the next update will be macOS Sierra. Federighi went through eight new features that will be included in Sierra. First feature up is Auto...
  10. M

    Apple Pay to Launch in Switzerland on June 13

    Apple Pay continues to expand, with MacRumors reporting today that Apple Pay is set to arrive in Switzerland on June 13, making a total of seven countries where Apple Pay is now accepted worldwide. Switzerland will be only the second country in Europe to offer Apple Pay, with the UK being the...
  11. M

    Seamless and Grubhub Add Apple Pay Support

    Tech Crunch writes that massively successful food ordering apps Grubhub and Seamless have just added support for Apple Pay. This is actually quite a coup for Apple Pay, as the Grubhub company raked in $2.4 billion in food sales in 2015, with 60 percent of that made up of mobile ordering. The...
  12. M

    Singapore Becomes the Sixth Country to get Apple Pay

    Following on from a limited trial start last month where only Amex was supported, Singapore has today become the sixth country worldwide to have Apple Pay, with the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and China being the other five countries. The service is initially supported by Visa, MasterCard, and...
  13. M

    Wirecard’s Boon Mobile Payment App Gets Pre-Paid Card Apple Pay Support in UK

    There are still quite a few banks in countries around the world that have yet to offer support for Apple Pay to their customers, but in the UK, at least, there is now a solution for those iPhone and iPad owners whose bank does not yet support Apple Pay with the arrival on iOS of Wirecard’s Boon...
  14. M

    Barclays Finally Adds Apple Pay Support in the UK

    Nine months after Apple Pay was first launched in the UK, Barclays has announced that it is now available for Barclays card users. With Barclays customers in the UK waiting a long time to have this facility, it was no surprise to see that according to MacRumors, there was a fair degree of...