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  1. E

    no wifi. how to use app that is trying to update

    Hi. I was on the plane and I wanted to read my book in "books". However, when i selected the app, it would grey out and go into waiting/loading. Since wifi didn't work on the plane, i couldn't update the app and hence I could not use it during the long flight. This was extremely frustrating...
  2. iBozz

    TuneIn Radio [Pro] and the BBC

    I am UK based and have used TuneIn Radio Pro extensively to listen to radio from around the world including waking up most days, via the alarm feature, to the UK’s BBC Radio 4. This morning, I was greeted by the audio message that “This station is not available in your country” or words to that...
  3. T

    Voice Pitch Control?

    what ipad apps allow you to change the pitch of a pattern with the changing pitch of your voice? thanks tesla.
  4. U

    Suggest an App alternate to words - using iPad Pro

    Can I get a recommendation of an App that can (other than word) 1. Type notes 2. handwrite 3. draw 4. insert a picture 5. insert a table I use an IPad Pro with the pencil
  5. iBozz

    Fahrenheit app

    This app has, or had, a home screen icon badge which automatically updated to the local temperature even with the app closed (there was a separate Celsius version as well) but recently this stopped working. The in app solution was to do a back-up and restore which I have done, but Fahrenheit...
  6. Knightoftheapp

    Facebook App Problem

    Hello, I have an iPad Pro (the 9" version). I also have the Facebook app. The chat function on the Facebook app is buffering all the time. It never stops. I've tried deleting/reinstalling the app. I tried pushing the home button and the power button at the same time. Neither had any effect. I...
  7. mnelson360

    App usage tracker?

    We have a 80+ iPads out in public areas for kids from 4-12 to use. We have them set up and managed through Apple Configurator, complete with about 30 apps on them. Most of the apps loaded are purchased and we're looking to find an app that can show us what apps are used and how much. This is to...
  8. L

    Art Legacy - Bringing Art to Life | Now on the App Store

    Art Legacy - Bringing Art to Life | Now on the App Store What if paintings were not static? What if we could sense their depth? Art Legacy is an original and immersive way to see a painting. It’s also part magic. HD App Preview Now available for iPad, iPhone, Mac and Apple TV. Find out more...
  9. C

    multiple destination destination map focused app??

    Any suggestions for a "map focused" iPad to plan multiple destinations trips. Some notes re what I'm looking for: * something like Google Maps on Web, but multiple destination (noting Google maps on IOS doesn't seem to allow multiple destinations) * simple map based, or search based approach to...