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  1. M

    iOS 11 Now Installed on 76% of Apple Devices

    MacRumors writes that Apple has today announced on its App Store support page for developers that iOS 11 is now installed on 76% of devices. This represents an increase of 11% from January 2018, when iOS 11 was installed on 65% of devices, and up 24% from November last year, when it was...
  2. M

    Android Security Head Boasts The Platform is Now Safer Than its Rivals

    The head of Security at Android, David Kleidermacher, has proclaimed in his introduction to the 2017 Year in Review of Android Security that Google’s Android platform is now just as secure as iOS, and possibly even more secure. 9to5 Mac writes that Kleidermacher stated to CNET that “Android...
  3. M

    More Talk That Apple Has Been Working on iMessage for Android

    Earlier in the year rumours started to surface that Apple was working on a version of iMessage for Android, with talk of an announcement at Apple’s WWDC. When this announcement failed to materialise, the rumours quietened down a little. Until today, that is, with MacRumors reporting that noted...
  4. Maga

    How to transfer files from Android to iPad mini ?

    I have a iPad mini and an android mobile phone I intend to transfer a video that is on Google Drive to the iPad but I have no option available on the iPad; on the other way, PC has the option to download. What can I do to overcome this? Thank you very much
  5. M

    “Move to iOS” Android App is Rebranded Migration Software

    According to AppleInsider, Android blog Phandroid has been examining the new Move to iOS Android migration app and has found that it is actually a rebranded version of a previous app from UK company Media Mushroom, called Copy My Data, which is currently still available on the Google Play Store...