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    Amazon Said to be Bidding for UK Premier League Soccer Streaming Rights

    Bloomberg reports that it has learned from an anonymous source that Amazon is planning to bid for UK Premier League soccer streaming rights, which will be auctioned off this February. By investing in such a hugely popular league in the UK, and all around the world, and with a growing audience in...
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    “Over 50% Chance” That Apple Will Introduce Siri-Based Smart Speaker at WWDC

    MacRumors reports that according to well-sourced Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities, Apple’s rumoured Siri-based rival to Amazon’s Echo speaker has an “over 50% chance” of being announced at Apple’s WWDC, which takes place from June 5 to June 9. Kuo expects the device to launch in the...
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    Rumour: Apple Could Launch Echo-Rival Siri Speaker at WWDC in June

    Following on from yesterday’s news from noted Apple leaker Sonny Dickson that Apple could be working on its own version of Amazon’s Echo speaker, Cult of Mac reports today that Apple could be planning to launch its Siri speaker as soon as its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Jose...
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    Rumour: Apple Working on Siri-Driven Version of Amazon Echo

    According to a report on AppleInsider today, Apple is “currently finalizing” designs for its rival to Amazon’s Echo, which is set to include support for Siri and Apple AirPlay, as well as featuring Beats technology and running on a version of iOS. The news comes via noted Apple leaker Sonny...
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    Amazon Music app has weird audio flutter effect during playback of some songs on iPad Air 2

    Hi! I have a 32GB, wifi-only iPad Air 2 (iOS 10.2 14C92) that I recently purchased to replace another one that was accidentally damaged. I use the Amazon Music app to stream music from Amazon Unlimited, and I noticed, both on my first iPad and the new one, that certain songs (sometimes several...
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    Apple Continues to Work on its Own Version of Amazon’s Echo

    Bloomberg writes that it has heard from sources familiar with Apple’s plans that the company is continuing to work on its own version of Amazon’s Echo smart-home device, based around Siri. According to Bloomberg’s sources, the project has already reached the prototype-testing stage, after more...
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    Apple’s Echo-Type Speaker Could Have a Facial Recognition Camera

    Earlier in the week Phil reported that Apple is working on its own Siri-powered version of the popular Amazon Echo voice-controlled hands-free smart speaker. CNET has more news on this development this weekend, reporting that it has heard from its sources that Apple intends to go one step...