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Recent content by wuyanks

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    Dish Network to provide free TV streaming on mobile devices for subscribers

    One feature lacking on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch (aside from SlingBox) is streaming live TV. However, that is about to change for Dish Network customers. Soon, Dish Network subscribers will soon be able to watch live TV on their mobile devices, at no extra cost. A service... for free...
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    Samsung's double-sided-touchscreen patent hints at future of tablets

    Apple's iPad proved high consumer demand for tablets, and ever since the iPad's launch, the world's leading tech companies have been in a mad scramble to develop their own tablets. And we all know that HP, ASUS, RIM, Toshiba, MSI, and Samsung are all working on tablets, which are expected to...
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    FlatPad, an iPad knockoff, makes its way to US for under $300

    If you are looking for a solid Android tablet and the Augen GenTouch just wasn't for you, I have great news today. FlatComputing, an American company based in Texas, just announced a 10" Android 2.1 tablet ready for the US market, dubbed the FlatPad A10. Actually, FlatComputing had been...
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    Augen 7" Android Tablet, $149 at K-Mart: iPad killer?

    Another user review popped up (in two parts): Dailymotion - Augen 7" Gentouch Android Tablet PC Review pt 1 - a Film & TV video Dailymotion - Augen review pt 2 - a Tech & Science video
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    Augen 7" Android Tablet, $149 at K-Mart: iPad killer?

    really looks like Android 1.6. totally lame, it seems they just spoofed the build.prop. someone prove me wrong please :(
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    Augen 7" Android Tablet, $149 at K-Mart: iPad killer?

    OP Updated with user-created video review: YouTube - augen android 2.1 tablet thoughts?
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    Augen 7" Android Tablet, $149 at K-Mart: iPad killer?

    with the current ipad delays, it will be interesting to see how successful this device will become. but yes i agree, this is targeting a different audience.
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    Augen 7" Android Tablet, $149 at K-Mart: iPad killer?

    Augen 7" Android Tablet, $149 at K-Mart: not an iPad killer! When you thought "inexpensive" and "tablet" don't belong in the same sentence, K-Mart is about to prove you wrong. The Augen GenTouch Android tablet is hitting K-Mart shelves this weekend, according to its latest...