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Recent content by valinrace

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    Best duplicater finder and deleter

    Hi guys, Just want to share this one because its the best duplicate remover and finder for me its " Duplicate File Deleter" its really complete and easy to use. Hope this helps to everyone.
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    car mounts for the iPad

    Still waiting for a better mounts for my car before I used it as a GPS.
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    I totally agree with you seadog, the patent system needs to be changed has a lot of flaws in it.
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    Italy VS Germany

    hahaha Italians Win.
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    Google Chrome Arrives in the App Store Today for iOS

    This application ROcks
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    What Ipad games are you playing right now?

    @ Irieginal Sorry sir But I get bored with temple run, I really dont know why. A lot of friends like that game. :(
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    Podcasts App Arrives in App Store

    Been waiting for these application for a long time. yeahhh this will be great just started downloading it now.
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    Broken screen replacement

    @brittany_lynn1379 Try asking the walmart if they would help you and they will bring it to a mac store. by the way does it have any warranty?
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    modern wedding songs

    by the way guys, thanks for your help.
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    modern wedding songs

    Hi sir. I just got married yesterday. hahaha :P
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    Broken screen replacement

    where did you purchase your ipad?
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    retrieve deleted photos

    I am not sure if it will retrieved the photos, does it? just asking sir. because if it can I will try to do it. Has anyone tried doing this recovery.
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    Free iPad Video Converters

    This post is really nice. I am looking for an application like this one. This thread really helps.
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    modern wedding songs

    Thanks guys. This really helps.
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    What Ipad games are you playing right now?

    yeah it will be really cool.