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  1. oouell

    Itunes complicated (Help?)

    I was not loving Itunes a lot, but the last version, Itunes 11.1.2 or sometning like that! Terrible I am reinstalling right now. On win 7 Was wondering , would it be better on win 8? I am a little afraid to use win 8, i just begun.... Thanks if you can help. Was reading help for...
  2. oouell

    Pictures and iCloud?

    Thanks for the tutorial! Thanks for your suggestion ,about the wayi could have publish those photos! I will check, but I am pretty sure they were not add with itune....
  3. oouell

    Pictures and iCloud?

    I dont understand this forum..... I want to ask à question.... Where?.....not évident....cant see anything..... Voici: I had some photos in my photo folder on ipad 3 -Wanted to try again icloud, so i did! Then the pictures i had before icloud in the photo folder could not be écrase...
  4. oouell

    Spotlight on ios7?

    Thanks a lot ! I found spotlight! Marvelous:)
  5. oouell

    Spotlight on ios7?

    Spotlight was réally usefûĺ! Were is it on ios7? Please! cant find it ! did once pr 2 Times....not anymore... Thanks for helping Me Using ipad 3 et iphpne 5
  6. oouell

    Photo apps

    Not free! 0.99$
  7. oouell

    Forum Français Sous Règlement

    Rebonjour goofy! Je serai plus présente, prochainement! Je te ferai parler en français!
  8. oouell

    If you are new, please post an introduction thread.

    Oui, je suis nouvelle! J'ai lu un peu, puis je me suis lancee! Ça va, ça allait.....puis j'étais un peu perdue...... Je redeviens plus sage! Je suis en train de lire tout au sujet de debutants dans ce forum! Esperant avoir du plaisir, et ne pas deranger les autres.... Je suis une pc...
  9. oouell

    Forum Help and Questions

    I agree
  10. oouell

    What are you guys doing right NOW??? ;)

    Discovering that i am not that good in iPF yet! I asked a question about history, and i dont know where it is....??? Have to continue, to understant that beautiful forum....'
  11. oouell

    What are you guys doing right NOW??? ;)

    Nice question: what are people doing right now! I checking it! I will have to come again..... why i m here, principaly is to see if some people are having the same problem than me, on ipad 2 wifi, about not seeing any messages in MAIL, since ios6 update.....snif none
  12. oouell

    Mail, l'app d'origine sur ipad , ne fonctionne plus depuis ios6! J'utilise gmail !

    Mail doest not work anymore, since ios6. Using gmail Gmail is used for MAIL on ipad 2, The app gmail is like before, ok! But in mail, since the upgrade, i receive nothing in inbox! I can sent only! In mail, hotmail seems to work ok! So it is an incompatibility? Beetween Ios6 and gemail...
  13. oouell

    Forum Français Sous Règlement

    Hi je suis nouvelle! Je suis tres heureuse aussi de pouvoir m'exprimer en fr., ma langue maternelle! Je suis une addict à ipad aussi....à bientôt! Mon iphone 5 arrive bientôt!
  14. oouell

    Avez-vous besoin d'aide?

    Tim, ton français est super! Pas de complexe, svp! Hi hi Contente de savoir que quelques cles usb fontionnent sur vais chercher! Pour transferer les photos, il y a un adapteur lecteur ce carte sd . Comme ça tes ph sont transférées facilement de ta camera à ton ipad.Super...