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    Check your settings...

    I notist after IOS6 was installed setting of some stuff were changed! Like LTE which was off was fliped on.... Just a word for the wise! And check out G+ If you use that junk.
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    We need a bluetooth controller.

    Comming! iCade 8-Bitty hands-on (video) -- Engadget
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    Weird Charging Problem

    Looks like the new one is.. Thinner! O_O
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    Weird Charging Problem

    One thing to add to the notes... The original cable that came with the iPad 1 has a short strain relief on it. The cable that came with the new iPad 3 has a longer strain relief and need to verify but is thinner in diameter. The iDevice can detect how much it can pull to recharge by the voltage...
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    Not a bad camera...

    Am supprised at how well the camera's works on the new iPad... This is tough for a DSLR to get... Hand held... at night... and a sky shot...
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    Who's made the jump from 1st gen to 3rd gen?

    You too? In Southern California. There are areas where you have no or very weak cell coverage and that's in some small town near the coast!
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    Who's made the jump from 1st gen to 3rd gen?

    I still have my iPad 1. I skipped the iPad 2. Been waiting for the third to come out. I will keep my iPad 1. No way I could sell her! ^_^ Same as also having the original Mac Mini from 2004. Both are first of their kind and to me are collectable. Over the last two updates (IOS 4 and 5) have...
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    The Official Ipad 3 Accessories Thread

    So far the one I have is holding. Had it since mid week. Had the ipad2/3 sticker on it.
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    The Official Ipad 3 Accessories Thread

    I have a custom graphic skin from GelaSkins. It should be here shortly. Want to see how these 3M based skins work out. I also got one of the Belkin back from Bestbuy. Seem ok so far. I would love a black case that Apple created for the orginal iPad.
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    Facebook App with iPad 3 Issues

    Been solid for me. Actualy better than on the orginal iPad. No crashing so far.
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    How will u really improve the next iPad ( not fantasy)

    Yep. Have the camera kit and another SD to iPad adapter that can pull data. Just not one that can handle USB Thumbdrives. I can see where these conference lets them download from a lock web site. Actual cheaper than doing USB drives with that info. Working on a easy path for my clients to use...
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    How will u really improve the next iPad ( not fantasy)

    Good question... How planning go on these things... Apple has done this for probably through 2015 or 2016. Software... A way to read thumb drive for people that go to conference that are handed the pertain data when they attend. I can see this changing in the future. But a lot of Dr clients I...
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    The Official Ipad 3 Accessories Thread Nice! Reminds me of the old school cameras that had protected areas. Just ordered a skin with my own artwork from gelaskins. Should be safe if they used as they say the lotac 3M material. Found some templates so you could cut your own out...
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    Ipad Classes or Tips

    A simple hint: Create a folder and drop things like Settings, any system reporting app, speed test, network tools and drop it at the bottom of the screen.