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Recent content by mrcupu

  1. mrcupu

    Need Suggestions related to my NEW app Hide My Secrets

    maybe make it work for the memory card too not just for the device because usually we put photos and others into it not into the device so when someone stole the phone they wont be able to upload the content of the memory card :comingsoon:
  2. mrcupu

    Beware of knockoff chargers

    and I just broke the end plug of a knockoff 3 feet ipad usb cable which I just bought from china for 4us$ simply just by trying to pull the plug from my ipad after charging :mad:
  3. mrcupu


    i think Netflix is only for us region maybe because u have to purchase movies before watch :eek:
  4. mrcupu

    Back up Battery Pack

    for ipad not mini the battery pack should be pretty powerful anything above 10k mah so far I found the highest is 15600mah and has 2a or 2.1a and maybe has built in short circuit overcharging temperature protections to bring you full cycle battery life from before departure until even after...
  5. mrcupu

    What's the last movie you saw?

    world war z in real 3d so awesome it has less drama than walking dead and more tense moments than 28 weeks later cant wait for the sequel :thumbs:
  6. mrcupu

    Avengers Alliance

    AJK23 still newbie im playing all the time:thumbs:
  7. mrcupu

    Will iPad 5 come out in March or October?

    i rather wait for mini 2 hopefully with retina display and more storage :rolleyes:
  8. mrcupu


    sometimes I dreamt about chasing by zombies and those were times long before world war z or resident evil or any zombies on media such as today so theres no way the dreams affected by them and in one of the chasing sequences I had an ability to fly off of em but don't remember the ending that's...
  9. mrcupu

    Arsenal Fantasy Manager - Friends request

    LQHpL6FN 244 partner so far and growing thank u much oh and btw I don't like the new auction feature its wasting shields money please get rid of it like the old days dear developer :o
  10. mrcupu

    [Amazing Game] Doraemon : Mega Jump

    can u make doraemon game like castle defend pls the story maybe nobita defending the playground from giant just like in the series maybe its going to be fun :o
  11. mrcupu

    10-foot charge cables

    yes I bought it for $5 and connect it to the original adapter but it even say not charging although actually charging so little it would take more than double amount of time :ipad-keyboard:
  12. mrcupu

    What's the last movie you saw?

    imaginaerum very beautiful melancholy soundtrack gothic style along with story about life of an estranged father :thumbs:
  13. mrcupu

    Flash Content on Ipad 4

    I rather avoid flash in my ipad because it could associated with virus spyware etc :thumbs:
  14. mrcupu

    Do you play video game with ipad?

    my ipad 3 purpose 85% for gaming 10% for productivity 5% for music :ipad-keyboard:
  15. mrcupu

    Star Trek Rivals card game - Friend Request

    Add partner HXQVCl - daily player level 5 and growing :thumbs: