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    Took the iPad 2 for a long road trip overseas.......

    In Brazil check for sim cards from either TIM or CLARO carriers. They got pre-paid 3G access for 0,50 cents a day. Just don't tell them it's for an iPad for they might refuse selling it and try to convince you to subscripe some of their data plans (which are a rip off!!).
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    Official IOS6 Jailbreak Status Thread

    Whenever something relevant comes up the thread is updated, you don't really need to go beyond the opening post... ;-D
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    Nephew mistook a brand new iPad2 I gave him for the 3rd gen...omg!

    Hey, that's great, it sounds like something straight out of a sci-fi movie. "Dial Aurora 7, the Cylons have arrived!"
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    Nephew mistook a brand new iPad2 I gave him for the 3rd gen...omg!

    Oh man, everything we used to consider the coolest machines are a big joke now. My daughter couldn't stop laughing when I told her that in high school (mid 80's) I had the best "typewriter" of my class, actually of my school altogheter: an electric AND portable Brother. I tell you, classmates...
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    Nephew mistook a brand new iPad2 I gave him for the 3rd gen...omg!

    Haha, you got it right Scifan! There's no hope for them, just last week dad asked to get him the "tape" of the animation movie Rango... "you mean the disc, dad?" "of course i mean that, the "blue tape". . . .
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    Where are you ipadding from?

    On a bench by the Paranoá Lake, Brasilia-DF.
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    Nephew mistook a brand new iPad2 I gave him for the 3rd gen...omg!

    Well, he did in fact, but no big deal. I guess it was the whole 3rd gen hype, something that runs in the family - my dad calls any computer a "Mac", mom calls any cell phone an "iPhone", and now everything tablet or slate is an "iPad"... I'll tell you these folks are crazy!
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    Nephew mistook a brand new iPad2 I gave him for the 3rd gen...omg!

    My Nephew's 14 b-day was coming. Me and the wife decided to give him an iPad when we saw a very fairly priced iPad2/16GB/Wifi+3G at an apple reseller sale. We knew the boy was dying for one and my brother was too damn cheap to give him one. In fact he was about to buy him some chinese android...
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    New ipad battery depletion while plugged in

    Is Air Supremacy intensive enough? I just charged my iPad3 while playing and it didn't take THAT much longer, actually the batt indicator seemed to go up pretty fast...
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    Is the iPad too difficult to learn for a 62 year old?

    My dad is 68 and a bit technophobic, nevertheless he got the first gen iPad as soon as it was released and 1 yr later he said to my mom to go buy herself an iPad2 (for she wouldn't let his iPad alone!) She's 62. They use those things daily for everything !... It's the perfect gadget for them...
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    Its official, some new iPads have problems

    Well, thankfully no issues so far. Been using it for 15 days now. I've spent several hours playing Air Supremacy and Real Racing 2 HD besides watching youtube vids and the battery actually seemed to last longer than the iPad2. It's been taking exactly 4 hrs to charge even with eventual usage...
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    If you are new, please post an introduction thread.

    Hi there, Another Apple freak from Brazil here. Just got the new iPad, whatta beauty this retina thing is! Although my family is into iPads since we got the very first model 2 yrs ago, only now I decided to use one on a daily basis. I'm sure I'll explore a lot of your collective knowledge...