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    Can't free up memory on my ipad mini

    Thanks for the extra advice. The reset did not make any difference but I will try the connection to iTunes as you suggest.
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    Can't free up memory on my ipad mini

    Thanks J. A. I checked this and there are definitely no photos or videos accessible on the iPad ( deleted items or otherwise) but the usage still suggests that I have 9.2 gb being used up by photos and videos, which is perplexing! I just cannot seem to access the things that are taking up all...
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    Can't free up memory on my ipad mini

    Hello, I have a problem with storage on my 16gb iPad mini. Using the "manage storage" option I am informed that approx. 9.2gb of storage is taken up by photographs and videos. I wish to free up this storage space but when I view the "Photos" I am informed that there are no photographs or...