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Recent content by mata7

  1. mata7

    iPad wifi only now with iPhone weather icon ??

    yeah that update fix it on my mini
  2. mata7

    Ota update

    use datadeposit to backup you save games and app conf
  3. mata7

    Official iPad3 Jailbreak Thread

    finally i have my ipad JB baby :) , i dint have to reset anything and the process take 5 min
  4. mata7

    Official iPad3 Jailbreak Thread

    really? , what make you say that
  5. mata7

    Official iPad3 Jailbreak Thread

    today i sold my ipad 2 and got my new ipad, no am waiting for the big news, btw love the new ipad
  6. mata7

    If I update to 5.1...

    i hope your right
  7. mata7

    If I update to 5.1...

    lol you mean a couple month?
  8. mata7

    IPAD2 Wifi with ERROR 11 code. HELP!

    so how we go back then?
  9. mata7

    Jerky after installing Infiniboard and Infinidock

    i use Infinidock and have 0 problem
  10. mata7

    Blank icons after jailbreak

    I do have the same problem a few times, respring fix it like you say
  11. mata7

    Mac OS on VMWare?

    i never say nothing anymore about VM work around , sorry if i break the rules it wont happen again
  12. mata7


    you can open cydia when you are in safe mode, then remove one by one and see if you can fiend the problem, you have to respiring or restart every time that you remove one cydia app
  13. mata7

    Mac OS on VMWare?

    if you got nothing better to do i say do it, i did it and now am happy, plus when windows version come out i think will be even more overloaded
  14. mata7

    Official iPad2 Jailbreak Thread

    i just jailbreak my ipad 2 on VM also, the wait was killing me, anyways everything is working great, now im happy :)
  15. mata7

    HOW TO - Use PKGBackup to safeguard your Jailbreak Apps & Settings

    thank you i finally learn how to use pkgbackup, i fallow you guide and did i backup and restore and everything went well, again thank you