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  1. marlenedegrood

    Cool things to do with the iPad?

    Fly a helicopter .... AR.Drone Parrot - First quadricopter that can be controlled by an iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad and Android
  2. marlenedegrood

    iPad Floor Stand

    I just use my heavy duty music stand ... it's sturdy, not easy to tip over, tilts to perfect viewing angle, makes for quick rotating of iPad, costs only $20 and doubles as a sheet music holder :)
  3. marlenedegrood

    Do you like the new cover on the iPad 3 ?

    I sent my Smart Cover back to Apple. I have the Apple folio type case on my iPad 1 and have always loved it but opted for the Smart Cover for my iPad 3 which I didn't love .... it felt almost slippery when folded over and bunched up when playings games like Real Racing. I had the leather...
  4. marlenedegrood

    People saying the new iPad is really to hot to hold.

    Mine is NOT getting hot.
  5. marlenedegrood


    Sending my leather Apple Smart Cover back ... I have the Apple folio type case for my iPad 1 and I've loved it .... had no idea I was going to dislike the smart cover so much. I need something that doesn't feel like it's going to slip from my hands and then shatter when it hits the floor so...
  6. marlenedegrood

    Showing off / Bragging rights

    Put some really stunning hi res photos on it. I put some photos taken with my iPhone 4S on the iPad 3 and it blows people away .... rightly so :)
  7. marlenedegrood

    The Official Ipad 3 Accessories Thread

    Incipio Smart Feather for iPad 2 does NOT fit :(
  8. marlenedegrood

    The Official Ipad 3 Accessories Thread

    For those of you who are getting back covers that are fitting with the smart cover .... could you say where your or who you're getting it from? I know that in a few weeks Amazon will probably have a huge supply of choices but if the back of my iPad 1 case is any example of what the back goes...
  9. marlenedegrood

    The Official Ipad 3 Accessories Thread

    @exile ... great job ... thanks! I love this!!!
  10. marlenedegrood

    What Apps Will You Load First To Best Appreciate The Retina Display?

    @billb1950 I just noticed that the App Store has a list of "Great Apps For The New iPad" (see the ever changing banner on the iPad App Store homepage for the link) ... I updated several apps today without noting whether they were being updated to be iPad 3 optimized so this list really makes it...
  11. marlenedegrood

    Walmart to sell " the new iPad" starting at midnight

    Don't get too excited ... not all Walmart's are created equal and depending on where you live, the amount of iPads that they get in could be few to none ... it's all about demographics ... but .... they do already know how many they have and can check stock.
  12. marlenedegrood

    What Apps Will You Load First To Best Appreciate The Retina Display?

    My iPad 1 16G has been busting out at the seams for the past year, I'm really into synths & music creation apps and many are space hogs, so the upgrade to a 32G iPad 3 is really needed. I'm so full that I can only have 1 movie loaded at a time. I'm thinking a lot about how I'm going to best...
  13. marlenedegrood

    Anyone with an engraved IPAD get it shipped?

    Ordered my personalized iPad on the 9th ... shipped yesterday ... arrived in Anchorage this morning and it's now showing that it has departed Louisville Kentucky .... not bad considering that mine was a late order and was not supposed to ship until March 19 with a delivery date of March 26 by...
  14. marlenedegrood

    I'm mirroring my old iPad and new iPad so they have the same content. Anyone else?

    Not going to mirror .... I want them to be different so that each has it's specific purpose. The 3rd gen will be for apps and movies that will really benefit from the retina display.
  15. marlenedegrood

    Doesn't work for me either.