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Recent content by Karyyk

  1. Karyyk

    Fav Music

    As in Agnostic Front, Bad Brains, Black Flag, Murphy's Law, later Misfits (Danzig-fronted), etc? That I like. The newer "hardcore" (a lot of which is crossover metal/hardcore), not so much.
  2. Karyyk

    Google creates a big problem

    Still sounds like conjecture to me. Time will tell, but choosing to disagree with this hardly points to someone having a "sick love affair with Android." You mention "over a dozen" references that assisted your "central premise." Why haven't those been cited?
  3. Karyyk

    Xoom is done.

    Say whatever you want, but my $99 dookie-brown Zune 30GB has been going strong since my iPod Color 30GB gave up the ghost a few years ago (probably like 4 or more now, getting at that point in life where the years are flying by).
  4. Karyyk

    Who wants to go to lunch?

    Not true, not true. Sometimes people from New York and New Jersey move and they bring the pizza along with them. I would have agreed with this statement a few years ago, but there are now a couple of places within driving distance where I can get a decent pie. I'm lucky, a friend from Jersey...
  5. Karyyk

    SweetPoison At The Apple Store

    Well, Thinkgeek's April Fool's Joke products have an odd habit of later becoming reality.
  6. Karyyk

    Commodore 64... is back (sort of)

    Very cool. A bit impractical considering what it ultimately is, but still, very cool. I still have mine somewhere (probably in a bin in my mother's attic alongside my old Atari 800XL). I need to do some hunting next time I'm there.
  7. Karyyk

    Fav Music

    I went with other. Punk rock is my favorite, and I really don't like lumping it in with the rest of "rock."
  8. Karyyk

    What is your job???

    I'm an IT Guy, although there's a lot more to it than that. Ultimately, I'm just another member of the corporate workforce whose job it is to do all those things that no one else wants to do.
  9. Karyyk

    New to the site...

    Heh, just kind of thinking ahead for the most part (to Christmas for my brothers and nephew). I got them XBOX 360's last year and Zune's the year before that, so I figured that this year might be Apple's (especially since there doesn't seem to be an Android tablet anywhere in the iPad's...
  10. Karyyk

    New to the site...

    Hello. I'm basically a loyalty-neutral techie who feels as at home with Windows XP as he does with OSX (and a former iPod Classic user who nows uses a Zune). I don't always go for the most popular solution, but they generally work well for me, whatever the case. I'm currently pondering the...
  11. Karyyk

    picked up xoom to compare with my ipad 2.....Fail!

    I still do not see how anyone thinks these tablets are going to sell for $600 or more. I'm just about as loyalty-neutral a techie as you can get, but from a common sense perspective, weak hardware accompanied by bulky design, an unfinished OS and a bloated price tag aren't going to garner a lot...