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    New to this site and love to join

    Hi fellow iPad-owners. I am iPadThai, new to this site and even newer to my iPad. A dear friend fell sorry for me lugging my macbook pro across continents, thus she gave me an iPad to keep my work alive. I am a humanitarian worker, our organization is caring for orphans overseas while...
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    Gmail Help Please

    I did just what you suggested above, this time the error message stated "cannot get mail, the user name or password in is incorrect? I am going to cry :-( please any more trick? ipadthai
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    Changing user name

    Dear masters of iPads: How do I change my user name to a new one? without having to create a new one? Thank you - cam on - gracias - merci
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    Gmail Help Please

    Hello Rich, Would you tell me how to get to the "iPad Help " area to read the response? I am dense and have not been able to find that area yet. thanks Rich
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    Gmail Help Please

    I am brand spanking new to the forum... read your rules and love it. I do have a question about Gmail on iPad. I just changed my gmail password on the laptop and now my iPad have this message "cannot get mail user name or password is in corrected". it not? I checked my gmail setting...