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  1. iBean

    Is this the apple experience?

    I have used iTunes cards for years. Started when iTunes wouldn't accept registration of 2people to 1 bank account (credit card). Helps keep cap on spending, & nieces, nephews, grand kids & kids on my school bus, love them as rewards, gifts, stocking stuffers, etc. Walmart &most grocery &...
  2. iBean

    Use mouse on ipad?

    Can you use a touch pad? I have my iPad 1 set up c/ a ZAGG Bluetooth keyboard, and in that laptop type configuration, it is awkward touching the screen to move around.
  3. iBean


    I just had this problem, trying to update Pages on my iPad 1. Found the lost app on another iTunes account that I set up years ago and forgot I had. Apparently I managed to download the original Pages on my old account. So to update, I had to sign out of iTunes from my "new" account, then sign...
  4. iBean

    [Personal] Review of ZAGGmate (Bluetooth Keyboard/Case)

    I recently got a ZAGGMATE for my iPad 1 & really like it, mostly. I had a folio for 2 years, and found it wasn't perfect either. I find I am using the iPad more, and like a laptop. Seems like a MacBook Air. I, too, have a sleeve I transport it in. I like the freedom of moving from laptop to...
  5. iBean

    Wi-fi problems

    I have an iPad 1, 3G, 32gig, with AT&T unlimited data & wifi available. A few months ago we left our satellite Internet provider in favor of a 4 G AT&T hotspot at home. I don't use wifi often, but was trying to upgrade a large app that required either wifi connection with my iMac, or a hard...
  6. iBean

    Print from IPad without Airprint

    I'm looking for PrintCentral as well, but don't find it in my iMac app store. Where did you find it?
  7. iBean

    Are you buying the iPad 2?

    I've about decided to spend a few bucks and buy the 2 new advertised programs, Garage Band and iMovie. I have an iMac with Garage Band that is about 3 years old, so the newly designed program for the iPad is probably going to knock my socks off. I'm wondering if anyone knows if I can transfer...
  8. iBean

    iPad pkt in ScotteVest

    Saw info on this forum for the ScotteVest, checked it out and decided to try it. Just got my Tropical Jacket with removable sleeves yesterday. I have been pleasantly surprised about the quality of this product. All the zippers are very sturdy as is the sewing. I set it up very easily, even the...
  9. iBean

    Safari stuck on "Apple-Legal-iTunes" screen

    Have had my 3G-32gig ipad 3 days and today while trying to surf, the Safari screen seems stuck on the above mentioned spot. No amount of tapping or swiping will change it. Turning it off / on, going to another screen then back, trying to tap address bar, NOTHING makes it budge, other than going...
  10. iBean

    Locking Case for iPad

    I'd be interested in hearing your opinion regarding the stability and support it offers while being used in the open position. How about the landscape typing position? And does the strap stay out of the way? Like others, am interested in the price. Thanks
  11. iBean

    iPad owners average age

    Most of us "Q-Tips" (White hair on top) are the ones that started and brought this industry to what it is now. I remember my 1st computer (TR-1000)had no hard drive and no place on board to store programs. I was a forward thinker, by insisting on 2 drives, so I could put the program disk in 1...
  12. iBean

    Prepared for shipment!

    I ordered mine about 5 AM on May 22, and got the "ship June 8 / arrive June 11" notice on my tracking page. Yesterday (June 3) it said "Prepared for shipment". Says the same today. Do they go out 1 at a time, or to another place that accepts a container of them to be individually redirected...
  13. iBean

    FREE video converters

    When trying to convert Star Trek, I was told that I needed a 64 bit version of VLC. However there is no 64 bit version. Now I have a 64 bit version of Handbrake & cant find a 32 bit version. Help please.
  14. iBean

    New iPad car mount!

    This looks like a Back Seat model of the one about 3 posts up, entitled "I just ordered my car mount". It's the same holder with a different thing to attach it to. It comes as 2 seperate parts. The base is about $29 & the mount is another price that I don't remember. Seems the total is about...
  15. iBean

    Clear touch anti glare vs power support

    I bought the Clear Touch AG at the recomendation of forum members. It has arrived, but still waiting for my iPad. It seems to get high marks for Anti-Glare (which we have lots of in South Texas) as well as finger print and scratch protection.