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iPad pkt in ScotteVest


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Feb 1, 2010
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Texas Hill Country
Saw info on this forum for the ScotteVest, checked it out and decided to try it. Just got my Tropical Jacket with removable sleeves yesterday. I have been pleasantly surprised about the quality of this product. All the zippers are very sturdy as is the sewing. I set it up very easily, even the ear bud system that keeps all the cords tucked away nicely out of the way, and convenient to use.The jacket is true to size. I got one size larger as recommended to easily stash all your stuff without binding, but I think I would have been ok with my regular size. It is very handy when driving my school bus route, to keep pens, pick-up list, water bottle and of course my iPad and iTouch and cell phone handy. Thanks to who ever found this product and posted it here. :D

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