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Recent content by Holmiz

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    Good cheap game apps?

    If you like pinball games; check out "Pinball HD" and "War pinball HD". - Those games are perfect cause you can always get a new highscore! And if you send me a PM you can have a Promo Code for my game Woolcraft.
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    Thoughts on Educational iPad Games?

    My kids 9 year and 12 year 1. How many hours a week does your child play with the iPad? How old is the child? 1 hour each 2. What type of apps does your child play with? games? education-oriented or purely for fun? Games and creative apps like GarageBand, drawing-apps etc 3. How do you pick...
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    Sticky suggestion - development engines for iPad

    I have experience from GameSalad and Cocos2D-iphone. I started with GameSalad and if you dont have any coding experience that is a really good start. But for me GameSalad was not enough so I tried Cocos2d and that framework was perfect (for me). But if you want to make an app you must know it...
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    Sweden here!

    Thank you so much! I really appreciate it! Of course I can help others in the dev.section - if I know the answers... If its not too much, I would really be glad if you also could make a working(!) level in the games Level editor. Because if you do, that level will be playable for others in the...
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    Sync Gmail calendars?

    @twerppoet, Thanks for the info!
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    Sweden here!

    Tackar för välkomnandet! Kul med svenskar här! @Max, I own 32gb iPad 3GS and I do have some fav.apps. Games: Pinball HD and the new one War pinball HD, Plants vs Zoombies (from the beginning it was my children who wanted it - but I love it too now)... Music: Spotify, Magic Fiddler...
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    Hidden object games

    Wow, this thread was perfect! I love those types of games! Thanks for all the tips.
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    Sweden here!

    Hi, all. I am a iPad owner from Sweden. Cheers!