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    Shameless Promote Your Book Thread

    The Many Adventures of Eaglethorpe Buxton Eaglethorpe Buxton, famed adventurer and story-teller, friend to those in need of a friend and guardian to those in need of a guardian. He is a liar and braggart, not to be trusted, especially around pies. Who are we to believe? Buxton himself leads...
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    Apple Has Already Developed A 7-Inch iPad

    Apple has a whole line of desktops, a whole line of Macbooks, a whole line of ipods. Why wouldn't they have a whole line of iPads. It would make sense for them to produce a 7" if only to stave off competition from Android tablets. I agree that they control the market but if you don't keep...
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    Shameless Promote Your Book Thread

    Two years have passed since Senta, the sorceress Zurfina, and Bessemer the steel dragon arrived in the strange land of Birmisia. Now it is up to the settlers to build a home in this dark and forbidding land, ruled by terrifying dinosaurs and strange lizardmen. Ten year old Senta must discover...
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    Is it illegal to ask questions??

    Very nice. That's a great response to piracy.
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    Borders App now available

    Apologies if this has been mentioned already. Borders has released the app for their new online ebook store. This means that all major booksellers are now on the iPad. Borders is unique in that they plan to support multiple ereaders as well as other devices.
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    iPad to replace Nook and Kindel

    I used my Sony Reader for two years and loved it, but having just finished my first novel on the iPad, I have to say I felt no eye strain at all. It took a while to find a comfortable holding position, but I did. Now I feel no compunction about replacing my reader with the iPad.
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    What iWorks App will you purchase?

    I bought pages, though in the end I don't think I even needed that. The notepad will do fine with what few notes I'll be writing on the iPad. I can't imagine that I'll need any of the others.
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    Where's the ARROW keys????

    I don't have much problem... most of the time. There are certain web pages though where you have to curser up or down to edit. You can't do it with your finger. It just sucks that there is no solution in those cases.
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    We Rule Friends Needed

    I'm like the lowest level of anyone. Is there anyone else playing below level 8?
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    We Rule Friends Needed

    You can add me. Name is the same.
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    Slow Backup on iTunes

    Okay, I jinxed myself. As soon as I said my backups took only 5-10 minutes, I had one that took 45 minutes. :P
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    Slow Backup on iTunes

    I have a 64gb iPad. Each backup takes only about 5-10 minutes, and it is more than half full. I do have Zinio, but haven't purchased any magazines with it. I have disabled auto-brightness because I have heard of wifi slowdowns when it is on, and quite frankly I don't need it auto adjusting...
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    What is your ipads name?

    I like it. "Lilly Pad". It works.
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    What is your ipads name?

    In my novel His Robot Girlfriend set in the year 2032, people use devices called TexTees. The iPad is probably more advanced than the device I describe in the book, since I wrote it several years ago, I was thinking along the lines of the Kindle. Still, I call mine my TexTee.