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Recent content by gregg37

  1. gregg37

    How many of you will consider an Android Tablet?

    Absolutely. Been waiting for the right device. The early Android tablets have not been anything to get excited about, but I feel we'll have some real winners coming out of the gate soon.
  2. gregg37

    Do you regret not getting 3G?

    I broadcast my own 3G free from my rooted EVO. Why would I pay for 3G service on a tablet even if I didn't?
  3. gregg37

    You know what's awesome?

    If the volume rocker didn't already serve as a mute, or if this new one actually worked, I guess it would be okay. I'd actually like to see it used to go into app switch mode instead of the dopubletap home button. Or God forbid, have Apple let us choose what it does! But hey, they don't even...
  4. gregg37

    You know what's awesome?

    Taking away something useful to put a mute switch right next to the mute button we already had! (Volume down always muted WAY too fast) ...and on top of that, it doesn't work in most applications/webpages! Poor Apple.
  5. gregg37

    Anyone tempted to sell their iPad?

    As soon as there is a large well built Android tablet.... byebye iPad
  6. gregg37

    Chinese are really good at imitating

    No, but the iPhone 4 was... :D
  7. gregg37

    Sold my 16gb wifi and wait for 32gb wifi is killing me

    I have a 64g wifi getting dusty on my desk. Perhaps I should jump on this while the getting is good!
  8. gregg37

    Pics of iPad killer

    You mean like the fact that the iPad has been all but abandoned already? There has been no interesting iPad news since launch. No killer must have apps since PvZ (sad that a game is the best thing on the platform). Missing several essential apps. Apple didn't even feel it worthy of the...
  9. gregg37

    So how many of us don't have an iPhone?

    I had a 3GS for two months, but it was entirely too terrible to bear so I ditched it. Now with a Nexus One (which is amazing, but T-Mo sucks) and waiting for the HTC EVO in a month or two.
  10. gregg37

    Sent from my car!

    Well, you're a step ahead of me. I can't get it to root...trouble with the USB driver install. Wondering if it's a windows 7 on the desktop thing. I'll try it on my laptop tomorrow instead.
  11. gregg37

    Sent from my car!

    Yea like i said it did seem really easy, it just failed. I'll use "quality time" at work tomorrow to compare and contrast a few different guides. If anyone else has a Nexus and is interested in nmy "idiots guide" when i figure it out, i'll be glad to share.
  12. gregg37

    Sent from my car!

    It's not that it's that hard, Ghuda, the problem is that the sites explaining these things tend to be written by anti social geeks who have never left the house and have no communication skills. They can't write in english, only in technogeek, so that only other people who know what they're...
  13. gregg37

    Sent from my car!

    Haven't tried to pair it with the Nexus One, but only because I had no reason to. Now that there is a possibility of tethering, I'll test it tonight, and probably root and all that crap to get it working till the sprint EVO comes out.
  14. gregg37

    Sent from my car!

    Yep, I'd love to do this from the Nexus One. Please send a link or instructions or just a rough hint as of how to do this. It's not a physical tether, but rather something wireless, correct? I'd prefer to not root or jailbreak, but am always up for experimentation if necesary.
  15. gregg37

    Tip: You can put 6 Icons on your App Tray

    I would love to know what "hundreds" of apps you deem worthy of hanging onto. I'm lucky if I can fill 2 pages of anything worth keeping.