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  1. followthesapper

    Need to Lock Folders on Ipad!

    I like Folderlock, but there is also Applocker to lock individual apps.
  2. followthesapper

    New Member

    Hi Bob, the smaller screen size becomes annoying after a while. Go for the full size, you won't regret it.
  3. followthesapper

    Hello Im new

    If you got bored modding Android, you'll soon get bored with hacking an iPad I'm afraid.
  4. followthesapper

    Need to Lock Folders on Ipad!

    Without Jailbreaking there aren't many other alternatives.
  5. followthesapper

    Cydia Icon Has Gone Missing

    Have you tried a hard reset, hold power and home button until ipad restarts?
  6. followthesapper

    Convert Kindle

    You can install the kindle app on your ipad and then download any purchased books from your Amazon account, or you can side load any books on your PC into the Kindle app.
  7. followthesapper

    New member with a question

    Common problem with the update - Apple should have fixed it now.
  8. followthesapper

    On this day in history.

    31 August - Princess Diana died in Paris on this day in 1997 and in 1989 her sister in law Princess Anne separated from her husband Captain Mark Phillips.
  9. followthesapper

    Do i need an anti virus app?

    Try restarting Google? That's what I always try if an app is misbehaving.
  10. followthesapper

    iPad apps vs iTunes grrrrr

    I just drag the ipa's to iTunes then sync them onto the iPad, works for me.
  11. followthesapper

    Need to reduced photo size

    I think you can resize in FX Photo Studio HD
  12. followthesapper

    Remote Desktop Services and Printing

    Ignoring @SophiaLawrence who seems to have hijacked this thread :(, I'm not sure what you are asking would be possible unless the iPad was on the same network as the printer and so you would really be printing from the desktop application. You could cut and paste the doc into a printing app on...
  13. followthesapper

    What If I want to upgrade to iOS 6 now?

    You can download beta 4 from the iOS Development center
  14. followthesapper

    4od app

    Have you tried deleting and re-installing?
  15. followthesapper

    All my private data deleted !

    Try this: 1. Tap Settings 2. Tap “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” 3. Tap on the account in question (the account that has lost the contacts) 4. Slide sync control for “contacts” to Off. 5. Tap "Deleted from . . . ." 6. Power Off the iPad [Press and hold the top power button] 7. Power On the iPad...