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    Greeting from the Netherlands

    Hi, I am Nick from the Netherlands and have recently bought an iPad Pro 12.9 2015. I have had several iPads and iPhones since they were introduced way back when but a couple of years ago I went over to Android because they offered me more bang for the buck. I bought the iPad Pro because there is...
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    Google Maps - No Split View Support?

    I am using my new iPad Pro 12.9 for in car navigation and was surprised to find out that Google Maps does not support Split View on iOS 11, only Slide Over. YouTube has had this since early 2016 so I am curious why this is. I have searched the internet but I have found pretty much no other...
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    Transfer files to iPad air from PC - what do I need? And how do I do it?

    I use GoodReader to sync a large 150GB folder from my PC to my iPad so I always have offline access to those files. GoodReader can show a lot of different file formats and that way I am not forced to use the iPad way of organizing files. You can use the File Sharing option in iTunes to transfer...
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    A Uinique iPad Theme by subywrex - Winterboard

    I have this as well. This is not only with this theme, other themes have this issue as well. BTW Is this iPad theme still supported? There are lots of theme add-ons for the UInique HD Theme but these unfortunately don't work with the UInique iPad Theme.