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    FlatPad, an iPad knockoff, makes its way to US for under $300

    Is it just me or does it take awhile to boot up? Check it at 4:00. Reminds me of crappy pcs.
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    iOS 3.2 VS 3.2.1 wifi speeds

    Since the upgrade I've gotten full bars on wifi. DL speed at 14mbps which is damn close to verizon's advertised speed. Very content here!!!!!
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    iPad Gets iOS 3.2.1 Software Update

    What a difference! No more annoying connection drops! Can't wait for the 4.0 if the 3.2.1 made such a big difference for me
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    Wi-Fi Reception: mine is not good, how's yours?

    Updated to 3.2.1 and also changed from wep to wpa2. Running perfectly so far! I also turned back on the auto-brightness. Hooray!
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    WiFi connectivity: WEP vs WAP (and neither works)

    I tried to turn off wifi on my verizon fios actiontec router by plugging in my laptop to the router by wire, typing which got me into the verizon site. Username: admin and tried password and password1 but both failed. I also noticed that I could not manually type in the password as...
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    Disappointed with netflix streaming selection

    Okay, I'm still not seeing this option to play next episode. I'm not playing in full screen mode either. When the episode finishes (including credits) the next screen is the main menu. I'm perplexed... What's wrong? I even re-installed the netflix app but same problem persists.
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    Disappointed with netflix streaming selection

    thanks, i'll try that.
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    Disappointed with netflix streaming selection

    thanks. for some reason i don't see that option to choose the next episode. it brings me back to the main screen.
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    Disappointed with netflix streaming selection

    When trying to watch a tv series through instant streaming I have a difficult time advancing or skipping to the next episode. Am I missing something?
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    my ipad was originally scheduled to be delivered on 7/12 but it was shipped out on 7/3. scheduled delivery by fedex changed to 7/7, but as of this morning it's on the fedex delivery truck so i'll be getting mine today!!! just wanted to share my experiences with you guys who are ordering or...
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    Seoul Man...

    tks, i'll look into this. i'm also heading over there in sept so my local relatives may be able to help me out too! :D
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    Seoul Man...

    can you tell me where to access korean itunes?