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  1. Brian 244

    Scratched Screen

    Third party screen replacement is always an option. Look for a reputable repair shop. Cost may range from $75-125.
  2. Brian 244

    Need help with IPad2...Is this thing Dead?

    Over the years of repairing iPads I’ve seen multiple iPad 2s do the same thing. Not sure what the exact cause Is , but it appears to be a logic board failure , maybe ram or the A5 processor. The iPad may be good for parts now , but not much else as there’s no know fix other than replacing the...
  3. Brian 244

    Ipad 1 Original - Boot Loop Question

    The 1st gen ipad is 9 years old now so odds are it is the battery. But there’s no way to be certain until you try a different battery. The 1st gen ipad is a huge pain in the ass to remove the screen though.
  4. Brian 244

    The pad that lost the eye

    Hmmm, not sure if you’re trolling or have a passive aggressive relationship with your iPad. Why spend a $1000 on a device you find so limiting ?
  5. Brian 244

    No Power on iPad

    Are you certain the lcd was plugged in properly prior to reassembly? Also check for a faint image with a bright flashlight against the lcd. It’s possible the backlight isn’t functioning
  6. Brian 244

    iPad won't charge

    Make sure you are using at least a 10 watt charge brick , preferably the official apple one. The smaller iPhone brick will not work. Also check inside for damage or dirt in the 30 pin connector. Sometimes the corners can break off If the cord isn’t inserted properly. The charge port could be...
  7. Brian 244

    Keypad problems

    What twerppoet said. This will show if there are dead spots in the digitizer screen. Use your finger not the pencil as each one uses a different method of detection
  8. Brian 244

    iPad 2018

    Yes you should notice a significant difference plus you will have Apple Pencil compatibility. I’d say go for it
  9. Brian 244

    5th gen ipad slow

    Not great but not horrible either. You may also want to consider her far you are from your router when the web pages load slowly. Are you in the same room or the opposite side of the house ?
  10. Brian 244

    5th gen ipad slow

    Run a Speedtest to make sure if it is your device or the internet that is slow. There is a Speedtest app in the App Store.
  11. Brian 244

    User Manual

    YouTube is your best bet. Lots of content on both
  12. Brian 244

    Touch screen less responsive

    You may want to check Touch Accommodations under your Accessibility settings. Just to make sure there isn't anything turned on there that shouldn't be
  13. Brian 244

    Touch screen less responsive

    Any cracks in the glass? Is it the original screen?
  14. Brian 244

    iOS 12 keyboard change

    Yeah it's a real pain in the ass as muscle memory has me constantly hitting the emoji icon :mad:
  15. Brian 244

    iPad won't charge

    The problem was likely the charging ic on the motherboard not the lightning port. Would require microsoldering to repair.