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Recent content by Bennettb

  1. Bennettb

    Austrian Sights

    Thank you, Johanna. The pictures were lovely and I particularly liked the garden photos. The allee with the benches looked so inviting.
  2. Bennettb

    On the road and off it too.

    Happy to see you back, Kevin.
  3. Bennettb

    Guess what I just bought!

    I just got the air 2 gray on Saturday. My 3 was not working well because I had too many photos on it so I got the 128 gig. It took a healthy chunk of my tax return. My eyes are not as good as they once were and I notice an improvement in clarity. I'm very happy.
  4. Bennettb

    anyone buying applecare+ on ipad air 2?

    I'm a klutz. Have broken several iPads and used my apple care. They were replaced.
  5. Bennettb

    What are you reading now?

    Thought this tribute to Prachett was interesting. ''In the Discworld novel Going Postal, Sir Terry, who died aged 66 on Thursday, wrote about the way that the murder of an operator of a semaphore tower, John Dearheart, was marked by his colleagues. His name was included in admin messages...
  6. Bennettb

    What are you reading now?

    They had an 'in memorium' table of Terry Pratchett's books in the library. I haven't read him since I was young. I picked up Carpe jugulum for old times sake. Bobbi
  7. Bennettb

    App Store keeps randomly opening up

    I've had it happen a few times...but I am a righty. Bobbi
  8. Bennettb

    Apple Watch Special Event

    He announced 8.2 available today.
  9. Bennettb

    Freaky problem?

    Thank you. It's amazing what I learn on the forum. Even though I'm a quilt information and garden picture user, it's nice to have a bit of knowledge.
  10. Bennettb

    Freaky problem?

    Thank you, Twerppoet. So I should just be careful when I'm in Starbucks, etc. got it, but I don't know what VPN is. bobbi
  11. Bennettb

    Freaky problem?

    So what is this Freaky stuff in the news? Should I be concerned? Bobbi
  12. Bennettb

    Will you be getting an iPhone 6 and or an iWatch?

    It will be interesting to see what it can camera, reduced fitness and health capability... Bobbi
  13. Bennettb


    A little ice, a little snow here. Nowhere near what you all have, but I'm not setting a foot outside the door. Bobbi