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    Iphone and ipad weird problems since IOS7 upgrade

    Its terrible My friend took a photo capture and it shows me calling him via face time. On my iPad calls made I never made one. But at the time my so called call to him, I received a call from my friend on my mobile and my face time on my iPad kicked in
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    Iphone and ipad weird problems since IOS7 upgrade

    I updated to IOS7 begrudging doing so that was last week, I though ok not too bad. Two days ago I noticed when trying to send a text to my OH it kept failing and when I tapped resend on my iphone it said send as text (which is what I thought I was doing). This only happens to my OH the other...
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    IOS7 Safari

    Sorry, I've just worked it out, it's the very top URL I tap and not the page bit I hate IOS 7
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    IOS7 Safari

    iPad and I have tapped the URL name but it won't do it
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    IOS7 Safari

    Good god this IOS 7 is a nightmare, it is truly awful Now I maybe being dumb but how do you copy a URL in Safari when there does not seem to be a URL bar? I need to copy a link to an email and for the life of me I can't figure it out
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    Ipad 2 keyboard dock

    To cut a long story short, at the moment I have no laptop, so currently using an ipad 2 fourth generation ie it has the new style iPhone 5 connector. Problem is my keyboard dock was for my old ipad 2 and the connection is different. Is there a connection that will allow me to dock my new ipad...
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    Longitude and latitude

    Thank you for the replies I do want to see the latitude and longitude because we have to know the exact spot where our machinery is. We don't Lways have the luxury of an address. If we have an app that can do this, the engineer can then send it back to the office to keep a record of it...
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    Longitude and latitude

    The iPads I am using have SIM cards in, the others would use smartphones
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    Longitude and latitude

    Hi Is there an App for the iPad that can give you the longitude and latitude coordinates for where you are? Reason for asking is at work we hire out equipment and we don't have a proper address ie it could be a farmers field. They an be difficult to find but when we deploy we old record...
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    Barcode scanner and generator

    Hi all Does anyone know of a really great app that creates a barcode, which I can tag to a person etc, print the barcode off and add it as a tag to a device? I currently have a lot of mobile phones I'm losing track of and using excel where the list is getting longer and harder to manage I...
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    Remote control ipad

    Hi I have a number of staff who now have iPads, some people are struggling with them or come across problems with them. Normally if this happens on a PC I can use Team Viewer as over the phone it's horrendous Now they have iPads they are out and about and rarely are in the office. Is there...
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    App creating a document that can be signed for

    Hi all Does anyone know an app whereby I can create a template, keep it on the iPad and a user can use it over and over Gain but also capture a signature, then email it to the office please? It's really mostly for using a pen and writing on the iPad Thank tou
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    Unable to delete photos

    Hi I have an iPad 2 and I need to delete from the gallery some photos. For some reason the dustbin does not appear and I cannot delete the photos. Any suggestions
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    Ipad 2 with numbers problem

    It's the app itself. If I tap on number as soon as it opens for some odd reason any saved document I have in numbers the app actually copies every single one. The number icon (document) is saved on the numbers desktop but its greyed out. So I have twenty saved documents then the app does...
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    Ipad 2 with numbers problem

    ]Something odd happening on my iPad Opening Number on my iPad and before I even get into one of my folders to open a document it randomly copies all the documents. I can open the originals but not the copies which I have to delete. I have also noticed that the icon for numbers instead of...