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    720p video playback....not supported ???

    AVPlayerHD works a treat with .MKV files (any size), you just choose AVPlayerHD in the APP section of your iPad in iTunes and drag and drop the files from Windows Explorer, probably in a similar fashion on a Mac. Hope this info helps.
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    Games on iOS

    Cannon Fodder.
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    The Official I got my iPad 2 Thread!

    Congrats on your new purchase Alison, still a week to go for me. :-[
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    For all IPad 2 users

    10, and I've only had my mits on mine for a couple of hours!!
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    Prepaid carrier for US iPad in the UK?

    Might be worth looking these up when you get over to the Uk, most stores have them locally. Just enter a Post Code near your location to hunt them down. Buy iPad Pay As You Go Mobile Broadband Micro SIM - 1GB at - Your Online Shop for Mobile broadband. Andy.
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    Four more sleeps to go...

    I'm like you Alison, have a birthday on 22nd, mine is wrapped up! My wife did let me check it was ok when she bought it - it's awesome and I can't wait either. Enjoy. Andy.
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    Best HD video player for iPad2?

    AVplayerHD all the way, plays .mkv without converting. Transferred to iPad via WiFi.
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    Newby from UK

    Hi all, A newby to the iPad world, been an iPhone 3GS user for the last 14 months and looking forward to getting to grips with the iPad. Went the whole hog and have treated myself to an iPad 2 64GB + 3G - no contract. Andy.