Video shows a kid’s delight when first interacting with the iPad

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    Children using technology has become a controversial topic lately. Technology has managed to sneak itself in almost every human sector of activity and, of course, it has reached kids. A new viral video posted online has made a lot of fuss about the dangers of “technology-training” your child. Or are we just overreacting?

    The video showcases a child eagerly touching an iPad screen for the first time. The sincere excitement and smiley face he wears are really endearing, but some wonder he will eventually become hooked. We have ​​previously reported the story of a British little girl who became addicted to her parents’ iPad and had to be subjected to therapy.

    This year at CES, parents or expectant parents were amazed to see the latest trend in bathroom gadgets. The iPotty – a conventional potty for toddlers but featuring an iPad neatly and colorfully attached to it, in order to attract the attention of the child and make him/her want to use the potty. Will parents try to lure their children towards cleanliness with gadgets from now on? From the producing company’s statement:

    “Toilet training a toddler is no picnic, but iPotty from CTA Digital seeks to make it a little easier by letting parents attach an iPad to it. This way, junior can gape and paw at the iPad while taking care of business in the old-fashioned part of the plastic potty. IPotty will go on sale in March, first on”

    Technology is one of the qualities that distinguishes us from other primates and species of animals, but the question is: when is too much enough? Are we going to exchange human contact with shiny and colorful toys, which despite their tremendous appeal might do ever lasting damage?

    Source: HuffingtonPost

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