The Holy Quran - روضة القرآن

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    "The Holy Quran" app is the biggest of its kind in the service of Allah's Book, where it; the "The Holy Quran", contains the IPad's biggest collection and encyclopedia of Tafseer-ul-Quran, based on the most famous Tafseer books of (Ibn-u-Katheer - Qortobi – Tabari – Jalalain – Fat-hul-Qadeer – Baghawi – Baydhawi – Asbab-un-Nuzoul of As-Suyuti – At-Tafseer-ul-Muyassar - At-Tafseer-ul-Muntakhab – Al-Wajeez-u-fi-Tafseer-el-Kitab-el-Azeez – At-Tahreer Wat-Tanweer – Al-Manar).
    Features of the "The Holy Quran" app:
    1-The app uses "Ar-Rasm-ul-Uthmani" font.
    2-The user can enlarge and/or minimize the font.
    3- The ability of changing color.
    4-A quick search facility.
    5-"The Holy Quran" app offers also 8 different translations English (Yusuf Ali, Bektal, Shaker), and French, and German, and Indonesian, Malay, and Turkish language)..
    6-Comparing the different available Tafseer.
    7-The Audio recording include the following famous Sheikhs: (Abdul-Basset .. Mujawwad, Abdullah Basfar, Abo-Bakr Ash-Shatiri, Mashari Ar-Rashid Al-Ifassi, Muhammad Jibril, Saad Al-Ghamidi, Ali al-Huthayfi, Abdur-Rahman As-Sudais, Mahmoud Khalil Al-Hossari .. Mujawwad and Muhammad Siddeeq Al-Minshawi .. Mujawwad).
    8-Audio reading of the meanings of the Holy Quran in English by Ibrahim Wallace.
    9-Ability to add a note on the displayed verse (Ayat).
    10-Ability to add Bookmarks to the text pages.
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