Samsung Asks to See Apple’s iPad 3 and the Next iPhone

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    9to5 Mac reports today that following on from Apple’s request to see some of Samsung’s unreleased devices as part of the ongoing legal activities between the two, Samsung has retaliated by asking to see samples of the final, commercial versions of the next iPhone and the iPad 3. According to the original story on ThisIsMyNext, Samsung wants to see these products because some of its own devices, such as the Droid Charge and the Galaxy Tab 10.1 will be released at approximately the same time as the next iPhone and iPad, so Samsung’s legal team wants to see if there are any similarities evident between theirs' and Apple’s devices, so that they can pre-empt any further legal action from Apple.

    Former copyright attorney Nilay Patel believes that Samsung has made the move because it wants to restart talks with Apple, which had been ongoing for a year until they were abruptly ended by the recent court action from both parties.

    Source: Samsung demands to see the iPhone 4S/5 and the iPad 3 | 9 to 5 Mac

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