Project Magazine’s Latest Issue Gets Gyroscope-Enabled Cover

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Apr 15, 2011.

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    MacStories reports today that the fifth issue of Richard Branson’s iPad-exclusive Project magazine has just been released with an HTML5-based gyroscope-enabled cover designed to take advantage of the iPad 2’s superior specs. The Project design team told MacStories that when the app is viewed on an iPad 2, the cover uses the gyroscope to control HTML5 canvas objects, with the result that if you move your iPad 2 around you will be able to pan horizontally and view all of the various summer blockbuster movie characters that are featured on the cover, such as Captain America, a Transformer, the guys from Hangover 2, and Jack Sparrow.

    Issue number 5 of Project magazine comprises 140 pages-worth of movies, travel, design and amazing photography, as well as featuring ten must-hear music tracks and articles on everything from cocktails to futuristic cars and interviews with actor Tom Hardy and war reporter Sebastian Junger. Sounds like a good read, if you can manage to tear yourself away from playing with the cool gyroscopic cover, of course!

    Click here to download Project. The initial app is free, but each issue costs $2.99 to download: Project Magazine for iPad on the iTunes App Store

    Source: Project Mag Has A Gyro-enabled Cover for iPad 2, PROJECT 5 – the biggest issue yet is out now! | Project Magazine
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    This is really great. Does anybody know any resources for finding out how this was achieved?

    A tutorial or some basic information about the HTML5 coding.


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