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    If you thought Apple’s retail chain was like any other consumer chain in the world, you were mistaken. A new video just released by Washington Square Films demonstrates that Apple develops its retail philosophy very carefully and takes into account every single detail. The mini film which also won some awards, aims to illustrate the importance Apple places on the experience it provides customers with in its store locations.

    The video is entitled “Retail Significant Stores†and presents Senior Vice President of Retail Operation, Ron Jonhson and Bob Bridger, discussing some insights into the philosophy of the Apple store. 9to5Mac was the one who discovered the mini-movie in the Washington Square Films archive. The clip never officially aired because it was meant to provide inspiration for Apple store workers only. The video is one year old. Since then, Jonhson left Apple and went on to become CEO of J.C. Penney. The mini-clip features images of Apple retail stores around the world (we can see New York’s Fifth Avenue, the London store and the one situated in Shanghai) interwoven with the guests’ commentaries. Jonhson states at one point:

    "If you can tailor a store uniquely to its setting, it can actually improve communities. Most retailers view their space as the square footage they rent, we view our space as the environment we inhabit."

    The speakers in the clip also try to explain Apple’s enormous success in the tech world. It’s not so much because of innovative products like iPhones and MacBooks. No, the popularity and brand loyalty stems from the fact that Apple views each customer as special and offers him/her all the attention they need.

    Source: 9to5Mac

    Source 2: Link to video
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Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by RaduTyrsina, Nov 27, 2012.

    1. AQ_OC
      I can't say that I really understand what they mean by the words they use when describing how they think, but it must be something to it because it works.

      Funny too how none of the rest of the industry as really caught on and tried to emulate this retail experience. Well, I guess Microsoft is trying.....but where is the Google store or the Samsung store? :)
    2. Kaykaykay
      Samsung store: Samsung Retail Store - Business Insider
    3. AQ_OC
      Oh...first store in North America! July 2012. I'm sure people will enjoy getting all touchy feely with Samsung plastics. :)
    4. Kaykaykay
      Funny, because lots of people pay to encase iDevices in plastic, lol. All mine are in TPU cases, and there's plenty of selection, so they must be selling a lot of them.
    5. faturner
      Didn't last long. Apple had the video taken down. :(
    6. AQ_OC
      That is true! I put mine is plastic (well leather or fake leather) to protect the finish. Samsung's saves you the bother with that. :)

      Just kidding on Samsung. Plastic devices can have a good build quality. But lots of people don't consider plastic to be the material of choice if you want to sell a premium product.

      I got myself an Asus Infinity Pad the other day as it was on sale at BB. I think my Android effort is at its end now.
    7. dazdseg
      Apple not only created retail stores. They also started out giving training about how to efficiently use their products. A lot of Apple stores give small training's about how to use mac books, ipad's, iphones. This gives them a competitive advantages as Apple's training is given free of cost and its quiet extensive (atleast some Asian countries). On the other hand, i haven't seen samsung showing how does a Note2, S3 etc. works properly.
    8. Kaykaykay
      I took one of those free Apple iPad classes and didn't find it useful. I could see it helping people with next to no tech experience.

      For me, the best customer service experience is making products that I can use by just picking them up and using them. Apple is great at that, at least for me. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 5" phablet and two Kindle Fires and have had similar experiences.

      If I can help it, I avoid going to retail stores unless I need to buy something right away or to see accessories in person. For hardware, I'd rather buy online and have stuff delivered to my door. I live five minutes from an Apple store at my main home, and about 15 minutes from three Apple stores at my vacation home. I rarely ever set foot in the stores.
    9. Kaykaykay
      For me, quality is not inherent in the material used, but in the quality of its construction. I still have most of the mobile devices I've ever purchased, including a plastic Palm Pilot that's maybe 15 years old, lol. It's held up beautifully physically. So have a couple of old Nokia phones from the good old days. Plastic as well. I have a GameBoy that's from the 1980s, and it still plays, lol. Also plastic.

      I think the word "premium" is subjective -- some people will pay more for that impression. For me, it's an unnecessary designation.

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