Kitten Sanctuary is a Cat Lover’s Delight

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    With the sheer amount of iOS games and apps released every day, it’s easy to miss something really cool, so I’m really grateful to Eurogamer for alerting us all to Clockwork Pixels' Kitten Sanctuary by nominating it as the Eurogamer App of the Day for today. The game has been out a few weeks, but I missed it when it first came out, so I’m glad to be able to tell you about it now. If you’re a cat lover, this will be just too cute for words for you and a must-buy, but even if you’re just looking for a spin on the old “Match 3†formula, Kitten Sanctuary is definitely work a look. It really is the most adorable and fun game, with gameplay centering around rescuing kittens who have been captured by aliens. You save the kittens one at a time, by matching three or more items to collapse the trap containing the kitten. Aside from the Match 3 elements, though, you also get to look after your rescued kittens in kitten sanctuaries, and can even play with them with balls of wool and wind-up mice, and brush their fur, making them purr. Total cuteness! The game is set on an island, complete with lovely lilting Caribbean music, and the cartoon-style graphics are so sweet to look at too. A real delight to play, and it will really make you smile!

    Click here to download the game for £1.49: App Store - Kitten Sanctuary

    Or here for the free Lite version: App Store - Kitten Sanctuary Lite

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