Easter Island in 3D (3D復活島)

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    Ikuo Nakamura (中村 征夫)是一位日本籍的紐約全像攝影技術家 (Holography Artist,3D moving image specialist)。


    他以創意和技術, 製造了一個在iPad上,3D立體旅遊"復活島"的機會。


    Easter Island 3D at app store (有空的話,不防看一看它的預告片,那是一個不錯的3D体驗)

    但是,我想說的是有關於Jared Diamond 所寫的復活島以前一段"慘不忍睹"的历史。


    在"崩溃"(Collapse)這本講述人類文明與生態環境的書中,Jared 告知了復活島 (Easter Island) 的古文明毀滅的來源(無關UFO, 也不是外星人)。以下是他1995年8月在"发现雜誌"的一篇摘要:

    "In just a few centuries, the people of Easter Island wiped out their forest, drove their plants and animals to extinction, and saw their complex society spiral into chaos and cannibalism. Are we about to follow their lead?"

    "......they began erecting stone statues on platforms, like the ones their Polynesian forebears had carved. With passing years, the statues and platforms became larger and larger, and the statues began sporting ten-ton red crowns-probably in an escalating spiral of one-upmanship, as rival clans tried to surpass each other with shows of wealth and power"

    "Eventually Easter's growing population was cutting the forest more rapidly than the forest was regenerating. The people used the land for gardens and the wood for fuel, canoes, and houses-and, of course, for lugging statues. As forest disappeared, the islanders ran out of timber and rope to transport and erect their statues. Life became more uncomfortable-springs and streams dried up, and wood was no longer available for fires"



    看到這, 我倒抽了口冷氣....我們不是正在上演這齣"毫無忌憚地砍伐森林"的戲嗎?

    1) Ikuo Nakamura

    2) Hololab

    3) Jared Diamond / Collapse 讀後感

    4) Easter Island's End, By Jared Diamond, in Discover Magazine, 1995
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