‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’ Game Coming to iPhone, iPad Users this Summer

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    These days, we’re seeing more and more games based on famous movies, especially those involving superheroes or other cult phenomenons such as Godzilla and, this time, Transformers. It’s just been announced that the official mobile game for the upcoming Transformers sequel will be released in about the same timeframe as the movie itself. Just as the film, the game will be called ‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’ and it will be arriving on iOS, Android and Windows Phone platforms, being developed by DeNA and Hasbro companies.

    The upcoming game will be a 3D combat runner, where your mission will consist in taking down new enemies featured in the movie. They will run, dash and change forms through fast-paced missions and your mission will be to take them all down. At the moment, we don’t have too many details regarding the game, but by the looks of the screenshots, it won’t be a disappointment.

    ‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’ represents the second title in an exclusive three-year agreement between Hasbro and DeNA to develop mobile games based on the Transformers franchise. The movie is said to hit theaters on June 27th, so that’s about when we should expect the game to be released, as well.

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    A runner game? Oh nice. Just when I was bored of it.

    I always liked the Transformers when I was wee lad. Well not a wee lad actually. I don't know about this but I think it won't be a total bore.

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