Apple’s victory over Samsung in court affecting resale prices of Android devices

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by dgstorm, Aug 29, 2012.

By dgstorm on Aug 29, 2012 at 1:35 PM
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    Apple has just been awarded victory in its court wars with Samsung and thus received the massive amount of $1.05 billion in damages to compensate for patent infringements. The question remains, is the overthrow going to affect how users feel about their Android gadgets? Apparently it does.

    Marketwatch website was amongst the first to notice that top electronics reseller is experiencing a 50% increase of people willing to trade their Samsung branded devices, following Apple’s victory in court last week. The resale prices are falling abruptly, as a consequence, of course.

    “Consumers seem to be jumping ship. We expect this trend to continue, especially with this latest verdict,†commented Gazelle’s chief gadget officer, Anthony Scarsella.

    Historically speaking though, Android products have never fared well in holding its value when considered for resale. Take the Samsung Galaxy S II – the device can be acquired for just $90 on while an iPhone 4S is still worth a decent $300. Even the latest Samsung Galaxy S III can be bought for $260 which is still less than an iPhone 4S.

    As a result of their victory, Apple is expected to stigmatize a host of Samsung devices and get them banned in the United States. Such a move could help increase the prices of some Android devices destined for reselling, as Samsung is probably going to make drastic changes with the next generation of its products to stay out of court in the near future, thus awarding some Samsung gadgets the status of relics.

    By Radu

    Source: Apple win whacks Android resale prices - MarketWatch


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by dgstorm, Aug 29, 2012.

    1. Poisonivy
      i had the Samsung Galaxy s and only had it 7 months,i got just over a quarter of what i paid when i sold it and that was a while ago now.
    2. AQ_OC
      I would not mind a S3 for cheap!!
    3. beesy
      Samsung Is Awesome

      I really like apple products, but I also like samsung, I am tired of apple's high prices on their products. Samsung has outdone apple on their galaxy s3 and galaxy note 2, as well as the galaxy tab and note 10.1. I have an Ipad and in the past an iphone but the samsung galaxy s3 is super nice! Much better than any Iphone, the galaxy tab and note is as a good or better product than my ipad. so I give a thumbs up :thumbs: to samsung for being competitive and better than apple, one more thing apple is a prideful company that has taken american jobs and shipped them to a foreign land to save on taxes, how terrible! I will continue to support samsung, who is rising higher than apple and will eventually dominate the android and apple market....
    4. GoPackGo
      Oh so you did end up selling it. I remember when you got it.

      I had my Galaxy for ... too long. My dad uses it now, but will get an iPhone when his breaks.
    5. Kaykaykay
      Lol. I know what you mean.
    6. theTimo
      Please, everyone remember that Apple releases a new device once a year. Whereas quite s few Android ones come out during the same time.

      So the huge choice for public makes the difference. This week you'll get a new phone from LG, next week from Samsung and from HTC the next. So the possible replacement for your phone is always there. That makes the resale prices low. I mean the iPhone 4S is the newest one now, though it's a yesteryears device.

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      No more, no less...
    7. Poisonivy
      i was very disappointed at the resale price,thats the thing about iPhone,they hold their value so you don't feel you've been ripped off.
    8. skimonkey
      Somehow I knew you'd be on this thread....can't wait for the iPhone 5!! :)
    9. Poisonivy
      i cant wait either,definitely going for white this time.

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