Apple’s market cap reaches $121.3

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    This week the fourth quarter earnings report was released by Apple and with it fantastic information about the fiscal year that just ended. Apple CEO Tim Cook commented on the subject:

    “We’re very proud to end a fantastic fiscal year with record September quarter results. We’re entering this holiday season with the best iPhone, iPad, Mac and iPod products ever, and we remain very confident in our new product pipeline.â€

    Apparently Apple has managed to fill its cash pot with a whopping $121.3 billion dollars. Now, the question on everyone minds seems to be what will Apple end up doing with it? GamesIndustry International went so far as to state that if Cupertino was interested in buying a video game company for example it could easily do so. Apple could choose between EA, Nintendo Sony or GameStop. If the tech giant aims higher it could as well buy any famous brand like Amazon. Amazon market capitalization has been set this week at $100.77 billion. Facebook and Yahoo have even less with $48.33 billion and $19.68 billion respectively.

    Apple’s finances seem to just keep growing and growing. Just three months ago Cupertino had stashed up in the bank 177.2 billion.

    The full year report indicates that Apple sold over 200 million iOS devices worldwide. Out of those 125 billion were just iPhones. Tablets seem to be the second favorite Apple product for customers, as the tech giant sold 58 million of iPads. Apple TVs represent the minority of sales with only 5 million.

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    Source - Apple Now Has $121.3 Billion In Cash: More Than Amazon’s Market Cap Or A Space Station | TechCrunch
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    Hey they can give me a million!!!!!

    I mean hey they got plenty of that filthy green stuff :D

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