Apple’s Home Page Displays Nelson Mandela Tribute

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    If you have recently browsed Apple’s home page - Apple, you’ve probably seen that Apple has removed all product placements on its homepage and has replaced them with an image of Nelson Mandela. Thus, Apple is honoring the late South African president's life after he passed at the age of 95.

    The South African activist was a decades-long political prisoner and statesman who served as the first black president of a post-apartheid nation. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook also tweeted out a Mandela quote and message, saying the following:

    Philip Schiller has tweeted a quote from Mandela:

    Mandela rose to prominence fighting South Africa's apartheid state-enacted racial segregation policies. This has landed him in jail for 27 years. While imprisoned, he inspired generations by preaching a civil rights message that sought to make peace. In 1993, Mandela has also received the Nobel Peace Prize.

    Source: Apple

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