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    Hi,my name is Lillian.I'm eighteen-years-old.I'm young,loving,and just trying to enjoy life and like anyone else my age I am like so attached to my phone,the internet,and just all technology . I love being on facebook,youtube,and just anything having to do with the internet. And due to me starting college in September I am going to need to be more connected with the internet and everything else that you guy's new technology can offer.
    My present phone at the moment is the mytouch by T-Mobile.But its kind of hard to explore the internet like I want to on this phone,especially since my phone was accidentally damaged by my best friend.Plus, due to me not having excess to my own computer or laptop its hard for my to do the things I want and need to do sometimes.That is why I think I deserve to be a tester for the new ipad.I think I would do a great job,and if I get the chance I promise to be completely honest with my opinion on your technology. So hopefully you will choose me to be one of your testers. Thank you for reading my message and have a nice day.

    Peace and love lol!

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