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Thank you for the opportunity to ‘join. I try my very best to research and fix problems, myself, instead of asking my sons.
Have an iPad Pro 9.7" which has been working fine for years now. But it slowed to a crawl with iOS 14 update. OS or some kind of malware?.
I have an older iPad model A1584. I don’t want to buy an Apple Pencil, any suggestions on a stylus that works on this model is appreciated.
Aye, I'm looking for a direct link to install ios 10.0 BETA 2 on my iPad 2 Thanks in advance, George.
J. A.
J. A.
It‘s not possible to install iOS 10 on an iPad 2, the device can‘t handle it. The only software you‘ll be able to install, is either iOS 9.3.5 or 9.3.6.
Help needed please, i’ve installed the new facebook business suite which is an update to pages manager app. It always displays in portrait, i need to have it in landscape any idea how to do that Regards