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Zagg Protective Covers


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Jun 7, 2010
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I am thinking about having a Zagg protective cover put on screen and body. Has anyone done this to their Ipad? Any issues?
I have one on both my iPad and my htc hd2. Application was not too bad and
Once it's on it is a very good screen protector. I would highly recommend.

Note: after application it can take 3-4 days for all of the small bubbles to get worked out.
But rest assured, they will eventually all disappear.
I have Zagg on my iPad, iPhone, and 1st & 2nd gen Touches. I installed the Zagg on the iPad the second it came out of the box. You just need patience to install it on the iPad.

Other good reviews exist for Ghost Armor too, but I have no comment b/c I haven't seen them in person.

Check out the Accessories subforum for other threads regarding screen protectors.
The best tips for easy install are:

1. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap before handling.
2. Spray plenty of the fluid on your hands prior to handling the material.
3. Spray plenty of fluid on the backside of the material.
4. Spray the topside of the material to ease using the scraper to get the bubbles out.
5. Position very carefully to start.

Ditto what everyone else said. I use the Invisishield IN PLACE OF a regular case. I need to use the keyboard dock on a regular case and I faint at the thought if dragging it in and out of any sort of regular case for that purpose. The skin is taking a beating, but the front and back of the unit are showing no wear.

If you have an extra $13 and just getting the front, or $29 and getting front and back have Best Buy place it on. No frustration and worry about hair and lint getting underneath it while applying, I know I was frustrated you would think I live in a pig pen with as much stuff that got under there while I was trying to apply it.
I have a complete zagg on my iPhone, and I'm noticing the corners start to peel up after about 2 months. Does this happen on the ipad version too?
I got a Zagg cover and haven't put it on yet. Does anyone know if it leaves any residue on the screen if it is removed?
No residue. It goes on kinda like window tint. I also have not noticed any instance of the film peeling up in either the iPhone or iPad. Of course, even with the zagg screen protector, I treat each with as much care as I can afford.


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