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You’re More Likely to Find a New iPad In Store than Online


iPadForums News Team
Jun 7, 2010
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Computerworld reports today that it has been looking into the availability of the new iPad, and has found that whereas the wait for your new iPad if you order it online is currently one to two weeks, it pays to actually go and visit your local iPad store, as you’ll more than likely be lucky, certainly as far as the US is concerned. Computerworld says that it made calls to a random sample of 5% of the 248 US Apple retail stores and found that all of the stores still had at least some of the available versions of the new iPad in stock. For example, it found that all the stores it called had the black, 16GB Wi-Fi-only iPad in stock, with 92% of stores also having the black 32GB 4G AT&T iPad in stock. The rarest model to get hold of in retail stores would appear to be the white 32GB Wi-Fi-only model, with only 15% of stores saying that they had any available. In general, Computerworld found that white iPads were scarcer than black iPads, with only 60% of stores polled having one or more white iPads, and 77% of stores polled having black iPads in stock. Only two stores, those in Orlando and Providence, had all available 12 versions of the latest iPad in stock, whereas the San Franciso store had the fewest versions available, with just three different configurations.

Source: iPad buyers: Your tablet is at the store (maybe) - Computerworld

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