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You really have to learn not to double talk around your mate on the phone


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Mar 28, 2010
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My loveing woman has been with me a long time and she has learn to read between the lines when i'm on phone with people at the NTC and she goes after the phone call i guess your going out on monday to help with the project

She goes i get your cloths washed Sunday and we have dinner early so you can get up early for the drive out to the NTC

I go how did you know if i was going out on monday and she give's me that smile like i been with you along time and i can read you like a book she goes ..

She say to me .. when you start to speak in military terms and you go on military time i know who your dealing with and what they are asking you when you are free and you allway's go when do you want me there instead of saying i have to check my work shedules to say i have free time on this day or week .. you allways go i free when you need me sir ..


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Jun 2, 2010
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Think of how one's daughters twist you around their fingers.

Evaluating and manipulating the male is instinctive .......and they never seem to lose the trick.

Does she answer to "Sir" yet? :)

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