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Yet another question


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Mar 27, 2011
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I have posted several questions today to help me decide if an IPad will be right for me, and I have yet another question. I thought of something that the IPad may come in good for but I need your help to tell me if it will work or not. My wife recently got a Flip video recorder and loves to record the grandkids in action. The camcorder has a hdmi microconnector. I purchased a Samsung bigscreen just before they started coming out with usb connections. The only conections the tv has are 2 for L & R audio and one for video, and a s video connection, so I cannot run the camcorder directly into the tv. The only way we can view the video is to download it onto my computer (no dvd burner) or just watch it on the camcorders screen. Do any of you know if I would be able to download from the recorder to the IPad, and then play the video from the IPad to the TV? I hope what I am trying to describe is making sense. If this is possible what would I need to make it work? Thanks!

The Alternative

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Jul 11, 2010
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Southeast Wisconsin
Okay, I just did a test with my FlipVideo and this will work. Or at least getting it to play on the iPad will. In the Flip Video application on your PC right click on the video you want to transfer and export a copy to your desktop (or other folder). Then drag and drop the file into the "Library" section of iTunes. The video will appear in the "Movies" section of your iTunes. (It is an MP4 file and will play on the iPad.) Plug in your device, click on the "Movies" tab, check mark the video, and then synch your iPad. The video will appear in the "Video" icon on your iPad. As far as moving it to your TV? Someone more qualified than I will have to answer that part of your question. Hope this helps.

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