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XMultiple iPad USB Charging Adapter IXP1-500


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Nov 29, 2011
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Found this little item at Cyberguy's and thought some here might need one. I bought me a couple but haven't received them yet.

XMultiple iPad USB Charging Adapter IXP1-500

Using this simple adapter, you can now use a regular USB port to recharge the power-hungry Apple iPad. Just connect the small adapter to the end of your sync cable and then connect it to any powered USB port. Special circuitry in the adapter effectively doubles the power a USB port can deliver. Includes dust cap. Sync/charge cable & iPad not included. Please note, data cannot be synced while using the charging adapter.

Don't waste you dollars on this product. All it does is make the iPad think it's connected to a wall charger and charges no faster then just using ASUS ai Charger program on your computer.

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