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Wysiwyg editor not working with my iPad


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Jul 7, 2010
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I have tried numerous times, but my iPad does not allow me to type in any information. Both my website and blog use a wysiwyg editor.
Yup, unfortunately, a lot of web WYSIWIG editors use Java, which isn't supported on iPad.

I use SquareSpace for my website, WoowooMac.com, and I have the same problem.

However, I am able to copy text from the SqureSpace editor. Then, I use GoodReader or Gusto to edit. I paste the edited text back into the field. Not great, but at least I have a way to edit on my iPad if I really need to.
Try accessing your site with Opera mini browser. Some wysiwyg sites work properly using it, but there's only an iPhone version, no iPad.

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