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Writepad question


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Jul 5, 2010
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For anyone whose used the app...
Does writepad give you the option of handwriting instead of using the iPad keyboard even when in OTHER applications, like when using safari? I swear I don't have abnormally fat fingers, but I have the worst time with iPad's screen keyboard, even when in landscape mode! I'd like to be able to use a handwriting option whenever I have to type on my iPad, whether or not I'm actually taking notes on Writepad or just searching on Google. Thanks!
No apps will enable you to do something in OTHER apps. Everything apps do is restricted to that one app. That is how apple has set it up and makes everything on the ipad secure.
Thanks Mike. Having a definite answer is nice. I thought maybe there would be a way to access writepad from other apps, like how you can open docs with good reader, but I see how even that closes the first app to use it. Booo, kind of disappointing. Who needs security? ;)

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